Our software

The mission of Immunos is to help improve the anti-malware and security industry. It can make the internet a safe place to browse without worrying about attacks. Our anti-malware software has the following features.

Protects from advanced threats

It detects and gets rid of malware in real-time with anti-malware technology. It scans for new and harmful threats automatically.

Protects files from being locked

It stops ransomware and shields your files. You can get protection from both present and future attacks. It is not just a simple decryption tool; it is a powerful defence against ransomware.

Protects from fake and infected websites

It detects fake websites and harmful links and prevents any contact with them. You are protected from hacking attempts, so your website won’t get infected.

Scans faster

It offers fast analysis. It is concerned about the threats that are active at the moment. You can run the scan without any interruption. You won’t have to attend it; it will automatically complete the scan.

We provide two options for our clients. They can either take the residential version or the commercial version of the software. The commercial version contains extra features to meet the increasing demand for protection against malware. We offer 30 days of free trial. So, take this opportunity and make your files and sites safe to use.