5 most common types of malware available today

There are lots of malicious programs around that are very dangerous. Malware means ‘maliciou software’. It is the software that can be used to disrupt computer functions, steal data, and causeother harms to your computer. Following are the most common types of malware available today.


Adware is a software that automatically provides advertisements. The pop-up ads on websites are common forms of adware. This adware are sponsored by advertisers to serve as a revenue generating tool. Sometimes adware is bundled with spyware that can track your computer activities and steal information.


Bots can automatically do specific operations. Some bots are made for harmless purposes, like video gaming, online contests, etc. Bots might be used in botnets for DDoS attacks. These can

scrape server data. So, many websites use CAPTCHA tests to guard against bots.


It is a flaw that produces undesired result. These occurs due to human errors and remain in the source code usually. Minor bugs affect the program’s behaviour slightly. So, they often get

unnoticed. There are many bugs that cause freezing or crashing. Security bugs are dangerous as they can bypass user authentication and steal data.


It holds the computer system captive and demands a ransom. It restricts the user access to the computer by encrypting files on the hard disk or locking the system. It displays messages to force the user to pay the malware creator so that you can regain access to your computer.


It can remotely access or control your computer. The malicious party can execute files, access or steal data, alter software, etc. It is difficult to detect or prevent rootkit. One way to detect it is to monitor the behaviour of your computer for any irregular activity. All these malware are harmful to your computer. You should use antivirus software, anti- malware program and firewalls to protect your computer from these malware.